i'm kento!

kento cady is a hāfu illustrator based out of hamilton, ontario. his mixed media artwork plays with energetic linework, found texture, and reportage-informed processes. he is vested in community perspectives and centres togetherness and underrepresented voices in his work.outside of his illustration practise, he’s passionate about scruffy dogs, virtual pet sites, and experimental storytelling. xe has graduated sheridan college's hons. bachelor of illustration.for business inquiries, xe can be reached at batcities@yahoo.com

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a gif of a bright pink cellphone with a little charm dangling fro it


A branding exercise where i was tasked to create the brand identity + promotion for the fictional punk music festival Zonfiro.

poster design

I was very inspired by 90's edutainment for the look of this event. The lo-fi and playful energy is something that lets itself to punk quite nicely. I used a lot of layering effects and custom bitmaps for this assignment, but it was super fun!

instagram carousel

sticker design

top: promotional trailer made in after effectsright: app mockup done on figma- you can click through and explore here!

poster for the play pygmalion

vices for virtue

an illustration series for a middle grade audience based on the romantic misadventures of a viceful angel and a virtuous demon.

comics for digital literacy

A series of comics centred around online safety for youth. Information for this vital topic tends to be patronizing or outdated, so I wanted to highlight modern problems while meeting my audience on their level.

next stop

A comic about missed connections and fleeting romance.

out of sight, out of mind

A comic based off the proverb "out of sight, out of mind."

check your tuning

A five week project where I responded to a life model set up to create something new from it. As opposed to a painting, I wanted to focus on my skills in linework and storytelling.

honk + bobo - romantic jesters

A self directed, 12pg 5x6.5 inch comic project about two clowns on a date to the opera. Done in pen and ink, then added bitmap fun in Photoshop afterwards. You can find the full pdf on my ko-fi!

misc. work

I draw a lot! Here's some things I've done that are more one-offs than continual projects.

our values - today's family

Five illustrations that highlight the core values of Today's Family and the different modes of child care they offer.

inside a home child care

A series of motion illustrations surrounding licensed home child care commissioned by Today's Family Early Learning and Child Care. Can also be found in the Home Child Care Association of Ontario's 2023 Annual Report.

off the clock

A risograph zine of illustrated interviews on life and labour. 20pgs, mixed media thesis.

nonsense alphabets

a 42 page modern children’s book of poet and painter edward lear’s nonsense alphabet poems. here are some selected spreads!